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Van Life Floor Insulation


Well, now imagine that when you’re living in a van in the winter. Many people have many different opinions as to what works the best or if insulation should even be used at all.

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And now is the time to install a floor in our van conversion!


Van life floor insulation. Should i insulate the floor of my van? Back then, the only real resource for insulating a van was this instructable link and maybe 3 or 4 other websites that all said different things. You’ve probably walked along a cold floor before and noticed how awful it felt.

A floor has many other critical functions than just supporting our feet. Insulation keeps heat in your vehicle and is complimented by our tips on how to heat your van in winter. First, is understanding the 3 heat loss mechanisms and how insulation works in slowing down these reactions.radiation or radiant heat transfer can be the rays of the sun striking the vans metal skin, heating up the metal and transfer the heat to the inside or passing through the windows.

Even in the desert the floor of your van is going to be pretty cold and having a layer of insulation there helps to keep you warm. Frame subfloor using 1×2’s or which ever thickness works best for your corrugated van floor. Use pir or xps foam board.

L earn all about how to install van floor insulation in your own conversion. The options and procedures for installing camper van flooring and camper van floor insulation are vast, and with so many different ways to do it, things can get complicated. Insulating inside your van’s hollow frame can help reduce the effect of thermal bridging.

No new van insulation products have really changed the game, nor has any of the old ones gone away. But there is more (and better) information today than there was 2 years ago. We used the factory rubber floor mat as the basis for the template for cutting the foam.

Making sure your van is well insulated is an incredibly important step. Fortunately, installing a floor insulation in your van conversion doesn’t need to be that hard and there is a simple way to do it. Reflectix insulation is a reflective bubble wrap insulation that provides a slight conductive benefit and also creates a radiant barrier.

Indeed, a proper floor installation prevents water infiltration (= rust), provides thermal and noise insulation, and serves as an anchor for the addition, it should be resistant to wear, be able to withstand enough weight, not produce any squeak. This upgrade is not too hard or expensive, all you need to do is collect everything you need and a day or two to do the work, and you will finish up in no time. Face the radiant barrier (shiny side) outwards on hot days to reflect heat away from the van.

Let it harden overnight while apply pressure with weights On top of the 1/2″ polyiso is a layer of 1″ polyiso. Insulation) placed in the pathway of a thermal bridge to block the flow of heat.

Making the van a hot box. If we had to build another van, we’d use thinsulate insulation again without any hesitation. The van insulation is basically 1 inch of spray polyurethane in walls and ceiling, and 1 inch of rigid polyiso foam board in the floor — we also use reflectex plugs in the windows at night.

Installing insulation on the floor of your van is an upgrade that will help keep you warm when you are enjoying winter camping at your favorite ski area. What you should know about insulation. Reverse during cold weather to retain heat inside the campervan.

Insulation in a camper van is a highly debated topic. What we’ll cover insulation materials for the floor • how to insulate the walls insulating the ceiling • how to insulate windows Insulation under floor as an addendum and after reading other comments in this forum, i am starting to think maybe a solution would be to spread wool fibre over the floor of the van to fill the valleys and then lay a thin sheet of closed cell foam over the top and then the plywood on top of that.

The biggest disadvantage to using the xps board is that it was a little tricky to fit rigid foam board pieces in a curved. Any crevice in your van needs to be filled as air can easily slip through and make your van both damp and cold. A lot of van lifers, futz around and fill in these spaces with little pieces of foam or insulation, but these natural gaps make the floor the perfect place to use reflectix insulation.

After looking at all options available, we decided to use 3m thinsulate and believe this to be the best option available on the market. The factory rubber floor mat does have some cutouts that you should not use as is. Second, conduction is the transfer of hot or cold through a solid.

We believe yes, you should insulate the floor of your van.

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