Polyurethane Garage Floor Clear Coat

Polyurethane Garage Floor Clear Coat


Data sheet and product info download. Our high gloss polyurethane coating can be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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Technically, paint is not a coating.


Polyurethane garage floor clear coat. After all, there are many benefits to adding a clear top coat over the color coat for a garage floor. The real question however ought to be why wouldn’t you apply a clear coat? Yes, a full flake floor with a polyurea or polyurethane clear coat will not amber since the color flakes are u.v.

Yes, applying the garage floor clear coat would be a good thought. Colored epoxies 1002 clear epoxy resin coating. No clear coats for garage floor paint.

However, rocksolid is a poor medium to disperse full flakes. The question refers to a top coat applied to his neighbor’s garage floor that is “yellowing” where the car tires rest on the top coat. Different companies and manufacturers have polyurea garage floor coating for sale in the markets and on various shopping sites.

The right choice polyurethane floor coating will darken the concrete substrate and give a “wet look”. This is a reasonable question that pops up from time to time for the average home owner looking to save some money. It exhibits excellent adhesion, uv resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and hot tire resistance, making it a superior garage floor sealer.

Unfortunately, marketing practices by the large. You can get more information on the role of clear top coat on an epoxy floor from my blog post 8 reasons why clear top coat on epoxy floor is better. It is also used as a top coat over the right choice epoxy flake flooring system and as a clear coat over diamond ground concrete for a polished concrete look.

Made with 100% solid epoxy, this garage floor coating retains its thickness and shape when curing after application. The high gloss finish offers superior chemical and stain resistance, abrasion resistance, weathering and uv stability. We are unable to ship to areas that fall under south coast air quality management district rules in ca.

Unless you opt for a more satin finish, polyurethane can provide a very glossy surface that proved depth to you garage floor depth. Both polyurethane and epoxy actually make for great garage floor coatings. Generally, a single base coat and single clear top coat is sufficient.

From the varieties of garage floor clear coat, the best clear coat for the garage floor is rock solid clear coat. Our polyurethane of choice is a two component, polyester/aliphatic floor coating. They both provide premium protection against wear and tear, oil spills, chemicals, and stains that a garage floor usually go through.

I prepped my garage floor with a diamond grit grinder (diamabrush) and pressure wash then let it dry for 5 days. My neighbor had his garage floor done a year ago with a 100% solids epoxy with the decorative flakes and they used a two part urethane top coat. Then i put a scattered layer of rustoleum decorative color chips.

It also includes our best roller cover and our anti wear anti skid. With giving your coat an attractive and glossy finish, the garage floor clear coat also protects the color flakes and underlying base color coating. Kemiko® water base polyurethane topcoat gloss clear (ss2400) is a two component, water base polyurethane concrete sealer coating.

I shop vacced any excess dust/dirt then applied 4 coats of behr premium concrete & garage 1 part epoxy. In case, you are buying 1 gallon with 100 percent of polyurea then it will cost around $35 to $38. I am looking for an epoxy floor for my garage and shop.

Polyurethane as a top coat for garage floor epoxy? For polyurea, the per square foot cost starts from $4.50 to $7.50. For epoxy, it ranges from $3 to $7 per square foot.

Polyurethane coating also offers better chemical and solvent resistance than epoxy ones. But taking all the functional requirements from a garage floor coating perspective, it is not better than an epoxy floor, however, it can complement an epoxy floor coating by being a top coat. So in summary, epoxies are hard and durable and adhere well so therefor are ideal for the primer and base coats of a garage floor, while polyurethanes are excellent for abrasion and chemical resistance and are perfect for use as the top coat of the floor.

It is also used as a finish coat option on most systems to improve stain resistance, wear and chemical resistance. This system includes a single coat of gray, a single coat of clear and 1# of flake per 100 sq. Diamond clear polyurethane floor coating is a high gloss floor paint for interior concrete floors and wood surfaces from supreme paints and coatings.

The key to any garage floor or industrial floor coating is that it works the way it is supposed to.

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