Paint Or Refinish Floors First

Paint Or Refinish Floors First


Also, it’s often better to paint the ceilings first, especially given that the ladders will rest on the floors. Always paint first before finishing the floors.

Original hardwood floor in Medium Brown. Paint color

The reason for that is that this can damage the floors.


Paint or refinish floors first. If you do the floors first, there’s always the potential for paint to fall on it, regardless of how careful you are at covering it up. For example, if you switch from a thick carpet to a modern laminate floor, your baseboards will need to be lowered by 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch. It would definitely be easier to paint a wall while you’re living there then to install/refinish floors.

I actually never wondered why you were doing the floors first, but your reasoning totally makes sense. Paint everything but the baseboads first. 1 received 0 votes on 0 posts refinish first or paint first.

With the new equipment if you have it professionally done the dust is way down from the past. The last thing you want is painters walking around on your newly finished floors dropping tools and sliding ladders. This can leave your newly painted walls with unsightly marks and blemishes.

It’s not the end of world if you refinish and then we paint. From there, you should rip up the floors. You still need to cover the floors but you don't have to worry about scratches from moving ladder etc.

What should i do refinish floors or paint walls first. Protect your floors with carpenters paper, and paint the walls first. Answered 7 answers kathleen basiewicz on nov 25, 2017 i would suggest starting with the walls.

If you paint first, and then do floors, there is a good chance that a lot of dirt, dust, sawdust or tile/stone dust will end up on your freshly painted walls and trim. But in the perfect world, from a painter’s standpoint, i would paint then refinish the floors, and then just know that your baseboards are going to need to be painted or touched up. We just have to take more precautions to protect that floor.

The short answer to this riddle: Have painter come back after floors are complete to paint base and do any minor touch ups. There is a possibility that the walls or trim may be damaged by the installation of the flooring.

Paint first except maybe baseboard trim depending on who is doing the floors. Even if you do get paint on the new floors, if it is latex, just wipe it up right away. That way if you do have spilled paint or drips, you can wipe them up.

In this way, do you paint first or refinish floors first? So, if there is no flooring in your room or home yet, go ahead, make your life a whole lot easier, and paint your walls first. When everything is finished, the paint and floors look perfect!

Remove the baseboard molding first and don't replace it until you finish the floors. Refinish hardwoods or paint first?. If you stain them first, then paint the walls, you risk damaging the floors.

One important reason to install new flooring first is that when you change flooring, the baseboards will often need to change position. And if you do the walls first, you could easily scratch them with refinishing equipment, or while laying carpet. I can speak to having just had floors done professionally (1st floor.

Then, once dry, sand the floors and stain them. The only drawback to painting before a wood floor refinishing service is that their floor buffer might scuff your baseboards. The dust everywhere and having to move out later to allow the floors to dry or whatever would be a total pain!

Answer this question + 4. As far as paint getting on the floors, that is why god invented the drop cloth seriously though, with the floor sanding and refinishing you stand a greater chance of damage to your freshly painted walls, and especially the base trim. Which came first, the wall paint or the refinished flooring?

That way you can clean up any paint spills, droplets or oversprays during the floor refinishing. Have floor guys site protect base and stairs or anything else that may get stain on it by accident. Scuffs, dings, and nicks sometimes happen, then the surface has to be touched up.

Refinish floors first or paint first. Why should i do my flooring before i paint my walls? But it only makes your job more difficult, plus it gums up the sandpaper.

When the flooring is newly installed; Paint that has dripped and hardened on a sealed surface will come off floor sanding. If you choose to paint first, these particles can land in your fresh coat of paint, marring the finish.

Often, some damage to the walls can occur. I am in the process of refinishing floors and repainting walls. If you paint the walls first, some homeowners may think that it is possible to paint with relative abandon, then sand out your paint drips.

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