Human Floor Lift For Fall Recovery

Human Floor Lift For Fall Recovery

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If a spouse or other family member needs to lift someone off of the floor, this lift allows them to do so without any physical exertion or risk to their own safety. The human floor lift (hfl) is designed to help people in their homes or care facilities get up from the floor with or without assistance from others.

IndeeLift Human Floor Lift for Fall Recovery Flooring

After each fall i would lie on the floor for hours where afterward i would then drag myself to someplace in the house where i could use furniture to very slowly lift myself up to a point where i could stand up.


Human floor lift for fall recovery. Responders can quickly help the victims get up and transfer them to a bed where first aid services can be provided. The falls recovery lifting device (figure 1) consists of a hydraulic jack, an aluminum base, and a stand with attached seat. It also eliminates the potential for injury to the patient or responder.

The lifts are easy to move and can lift up to 300 pounds with the 300 series, and up to 400 pounds with the 400 series, making them powerful and. Great for homes, adult communities, senior centers, assisted living, mobile caregivers. The human floor lift can be placed in a central location of the home.

A person living alone can then go to the lift after a fall and be lifted back to their feet without outside assistance. The mangar elk emergency lifting cushion is an inflatable lifting device designed to help caregivers lift someone from the floor after a fall. Additionally, a companion can roll the human floor lift right to the location of the fall.

A person living alone, places the human floor lift in a central location in the home and instead of scooting or crawling to the phone to call for assistance the user can go , slide on, push the button and less than a minute later are up from the floor without any outside. Once the person is laid on their back with their knees bent, just slide the chair unit under the lower half of the thigh. The hfl will lift a person up to 300 or 400 pounds from the floor to a position seated at the.

The raizer is assembled around the person on the floor to lift them back to a seated or standing position. The human floor lifts can easily help a person from a fallen position on the floor to a seated position for standing within about 60 seconds. The indeelift is a portable lift designed to lift people from the floor to a normal chair height allowing them to stand or transfer with the least amount of effort.

The chair consists of seven parts; The main seat, two identical backrest pieces, and four identical leg pieces. The indeelift can also be operated by a second person.

The lift also allows for easy transfer into a wheelchair. The human floor lift (hfl) is designed to help people in their homes or care facilities get up from the floor with or without assistance from others. The human floor lift for emergency services is simple and portable and is perfectly suited for helping people get up during medical emergencies.

Fall recovery lift company, a social entrepreneurship project, resides in waldorf, maryland. During my recovery time i fell twice, each time reinjuring my legs and setting my recovery back to square one. About the indeelift human floor lift for fall recovery.

Lightweight and portable, the elk inflatable emergency lifting cushion can lift up to 1,000 lbs and is particularly good for lift assists in confined spaces such as bathrooms and hallways. Evacuation an floor recovery equipment at hpfy. One hundred and twenty pumps cause the ram to travel its full length.


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