How To Strip And Wax A Floor Step By Step

How To Strip And Wax A Floor Step By Step


If you are using a rotary floor scrubber, start in the opposite corner of your walk off mat, and slowly move towards that area. That means it’s time to strip and wax the floor.

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Purchase a floor finish stripper that is appropriate for your floor.


How to strip and wax a floor step by step. Take a look at the outlined steps that ensure the best result each time. The right commercial floor equipment makes any job much more efficient. Our technicians always follow up and ensure your floors reach their best possible condition.

You may have to use many rags for this step. This brightens the floor and makes its shine. Take note of areas that begin to dry.

Open the wax jar, dip the mop in it, and start applying the wax on the dried floor. During this step, we apply a sealant and then buff the floor. If you are using a chemical wax remover, remember to wear gloves.

Get your free 21 step guide to stripping & waxing your floors. Allow the floor to dry completely before you wax it. The only way to alleviate this problem is to strip all of the wax off the tile floor.

As it darkens, use a different, clean portion of the rag. If you use equipment that is too small for the area, you can wear it out and even potentially burn certain surfaces. Steps two and three will have to be repeated for each section of the linoleum floor.

Using a clean mop, clean the floor after you have stripped the entire floor. Here are 10 steps to strip and wax your floors. Apply the wax in a thin coat and work towards the exit so that you don’t end up trapped in the room.

Spread over the entire floor with a mop. Do it in a circular motion so that there is a uniform and thin coat. If you’re using a wax applier mop, skip this step and pour the wax directly over the mop itself.

Always follow the instructions on the back of the bottle when it comes time to remove the polish and wax. We will completely strip every inch of your vct tile space. Wait for the floor to turn a milky white.

Get the mop damp with wax, but be certain that it isn’t soaked. For example, when waxing your legs, you’ll want to lay the strips lengthwise on your legs. Using the floor scrubber that you have rented, remove the wax and buildup from the floor.

Lay the wax strip down on the area you’re waxing, in a direction that will allow you to easily pull the strip off in the opposite direction of your hair’s growth. Not only does this make your flooring shine, but it more importantly protects it. Strip and wax process explained step by step by the professionals at servicemaster of kalamazoo.

Once your floor is ready, you start the stripping process. The next step is the application of new wax. Some areas will require several passes to strip the floor completely of the old floor wax.

Coordinate your stripping with the amount of soaking time to work in sections. Washing and waxing a tile floor, even an older one, can make it sparkly and looking almost like new. Buff the floor in small sections, to strip the previous wax.

When this happens it is time to strip the old wax finish and apply a new coat of wax to the flooring. Apply more stripper solution to sustain the process. Do not apply the wax haphazardly;

Attach a stripping pad onto a floor buffer. Using a quality floor stripper like the hillyard devastator will make the job much easier with outstanding results. Having the right equipment is essential when stripping and waxing floors.

To make your job easier, select a stripper that does not require rinsing and is tera choice (canada) or green seal (usa) certified. Do not attempt to do the entire floor at once. How to strip and wax a floor.

Finally, reapply the wax according to the package instructions. Once stripped, you will need to rinse with a neutralizer before you apply your floor wax. Our chicago floor strip and wax services include three steps.

Allow the solution to sit on the floor for a couple of minutes. First, we strip the floor, removing the dirt, debris, and previous layer of wax. Not all floors are created equal.

Mop the floor to make sure all traces of the stripper are gone and no longer acting on your floor. This will indicate that the polish is ready to be removed as it has been softened. A black utility stripping pad may be needed to properly get into corners and up against baseboards.

As the wax transfers to your cloth, it will start to become black. Our floor stripping and waxing services are completed in three steps. Continue to do this over the surface of the table until you remove the wax.

Mop the floor with clean water and let dry. Choose the best stripper for your floor type. Once the floor is bare, we move onto step two.

For best results, use a floor finish stripper that is the same brand as the floor wax you typically use. Let the solution work for the recommended time, to strip the previous wax. As with stripping, apply the wax to your floor in sections.

Strip old wax from vinyl with dishwasher detergent and ammonia. Even a no rinse stripper may cause damage, so this step is highly recommended.

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