Different Types Of Basement Floor Drains

Different Types Of Basement Floor Drains


Some examples are if your water heater leaks, hvac units (due to condensation or leaking), or seepage through your basement wall. This is different than lots of older homes where the floor drainage system connected directly to the main sewer system.

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The floor drain normally has a round or square metal (or cast iron) cover with holes or slots throughout to allow water to pass through and to block other types of objects from falling into the hole.


Different types of basement floor drains. Floor drains are used to remove excess water from any room in which water may flow along the floor. Many new homes also utilize these types of drainage systems. There are different types of drains in cincinnati, oh.

Many basement floor drains tie directly to the home's sewer system, but in some communities, local building codes require floor drains to run to a sump pit, where a pump lifts the water to the exterior surface of the house. Just like french drains, it collects groundwater before. Here, we look at different types of residential basement drains, how these systems work, and why your basement needs one.

The basement floor drain in your utility area is there to take care of water spillover from washing machines, leaky water heaters, etc. Floor drains are most often installed during original construction, often in the utility area, to drain away excess water in the basement. It provides a permanent fixture that prevents water from leaking into the basement.

There are many different types of drainage systems available that excel in different situations. The three options are exterior footing drains, interior footing drains, and baseboard drains. Installed during the initial construction, the floor drain lies below the basement floor.

This type of drainage is effective, especially if you want to cover all water sources in your home, including overflowing gutters, heavy rains, and downspouts. What are floor drains made from? Water flows naturally from the floor drains to the discharge point.

Most newer drains are made from polyvinyl chloride, or pvc while older drains were typically made from cast iron or clay tiles. Basement floor drains don't get a lot of attention until the sewer backs up or the basement smells like an outhouse. Types of basement floor drains.

French drains are among the most effective ways to waterproof your basement from the interior. The purpose of basement floor drains. In many older homes, floor drains are part of the basement design, built in to prevent water damage to the house and its contents.

January 17, 2021 january 17, 2021 by stellar. Old floor drains work passively, their design based on principles of physics. Floor drains can be helpful in your basement so the water won’t stay still on your basement’s floor.

The floor will need to slope toward these drains, but this means they can remove water from any source in your basement, including water heater leaks or dehumidifiers. The exterior footing variant draws water away from the structure to a submerged outside pipe connected to a storm drain. The surrounding floor around the drain slopes inwards to help funnel any water from on top of the floor to go in the drain to be removed.

There are different types of basement drains including floor drains, interior drains, and sump pumps. There are three different options for basement drains and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Floor drains are an effective way to remove excess water from a home.

The inbuilt house drainage does not eliminate flooding possibilities and may not prevent water from seeping through the basement. In newer homes, most basement floor drains connect to a sump pit that collects the water and a sump pump that directs it away from the foundation. This prevents the water from pooling in the corners or low spots of your flooring.

When installing, it’s important for the floor to slope and the drainpipe to have a pitch or angle as well. They can vary greatly, both in terms of the material they are made from and their general design. Once the water’s been redirected, a sump.

These systems ensure your basement stays dry, which in turn helps prevent a wide range. These include a head for cutting through grease, a saw tip for cutting through roots, a retrieval tool for removing objects, and a standard drill bit. These drains open up the floor of your basement, providing any incoming water with streams to travel through.

The concrete floor around the drain gently slopes. Pros and cons of basement floor drains Basements are rooms or spaces beneath the house, and they absorb water that drain from the above rooms.

Many people turn to drains as basement waterproofing systems for added protection from surface water, groundwater, and hydrostatic pressure from saturated soil. Several different types of floor drains are available, intended for different types of rooms. This is why the floor slopes toward the drain.

Basement floor drain cover replacement. Drain cleaning augers come with a variety of different heads for cutting through different types of clogs.

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